Drone Generated RPG ReRoll Cancelled

Ambitious crowdfunded RPG ReRoll created by ex Ubisoft devs canned

reroll screenshotIt’s always disapointing when a crowd funded game is cancelled. Disapointing for the backers, the devs and those people on the sidelines who may be looking forward to the release, but don’t have the funds to back every single cool looking crowd sourced game that comes up (me).

ReRoll had big, huge ambitions. It was going to use drones to map the entire planet and in that gamespace, create an abundant RPG world. If they had succeeded, it would have been pretty damn cool. They raised significant capital on kickstarter as many gamers got behind the project but ex ubisoft devs Julien Cuny and Louis Piere (probably the most french name I’ve come across in a long time) couldn’t woo publishers enough to stump up the rest of the cash.

It was a series of broken deals and bad luck that spelled the end for ReRoll. The two ubioft devs says that they cannot refund the money to backers but have made their other game, Bios, available for free for all those that backed ReRoll. Bios will also be arriving on Steam Early Access.

Talks with additional publishers were already at an advanced stage but due to their demands, information couldn’t be published by Julien or Louis at the time. One publisher promissed more capital than they originally budgeted for, pushing ReRoll in to the AAA stratosphere and the ohter was offering slightly less capital. Both publihers would have seen to it this game was released. Unfortunately though due to circumstance and lack of capital, both pulled out.

“We want all of you to know that we gave our best shot and like you, we are extremely disappointed that ReROLL will not become a reality. It sucks. All of this sucks. We know many of you will be disappointed and even pissed. We understand that. We should have been better at communicating our progress. Not to give excuses, but we were caught in the process with potential partners that wished we stayed silent on our progress.”

Fine words but they those alone and a poorly reviewed game will not bring money back to backers who inveted a significant capital in to the game development. What a shame.

Bios is here.

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